Sculptures For Famous Sculptors

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I fabricated this for Robert Smithson in 1968. It now resides in the permanent collection at the National Sculpture Gallery, ‘The Hirschorn’ in Washington DC.
Other side of Smithson piece. This is made from from two layers of fiberglass sheet, separated like bread in a sandwich, with a urethane foam filling. This was a tricky piece to make.
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I fabricated the four piece fiberglass sculpture in the foreground and the large fiberglass wedge-shaped piece at the left rear for Robert Morris in 1968.
Another Morris piece
This was fabricated in fiberglass by me for Robert Morris in 1968.  If I remember correctly, my company fabricated 42 individual pieces for Bob. Some of the individual castings were combined to make a single sculpture.
As you can see the Morris pieces were quite large.
An aerial shot of the three. All of the pieces that I made for Robert were painted primer grey except for “fiberglass cloud”
This piece for Morris was 12 feet across.
Here the eight individual pieces for the preceding piece are shown separated.
‘Fiberglass Cloud’ is made from unpainted translucent fiberglass and polyester resin for Robert Morris. It is about 12 feet across. This is the last piece that I made for Bob Morris.
‘Over Owl Creek’-This piece I made for Tom Doyle.