Priscilla’s Crewel Needlework

Priscilla fish--1
A ‘Fanciful Sunfish’ with exquisite craftsmanship, called ‘Crewel Needlework’.

I have these existing pictures of my mother’s work and decided to just post them now then retake photos of the pieces at a later date and re-post them. I just felt it necessary to at least get them up so all can see her wonderful skills right now. There are a good number more that I will be posting in the future. Please click on each one to see the exquisite detail. Mom lived to the ripe age of 100!


My Mother, Priscilla, the artist, pictured here at 97 years. Note the two stone hearts that I made for her. She wore them for over 25 years, every day, without fail.
Mom tried to make this one, ‘Birds in a Tree’, true to nature. At twelve o’clock is a Titmouse. At one is a Chickadee. At three are a pair of Cardinals. Eight o’clock shows a pair of Goldfinches, and at ten is a Nuthatch.
This is a ‘Scruffy-Puffy’ weird bird.
Priscilla called this one ‘The Teacher Bird’.
‘Fanciful Flowers II’.
‘Fanciful Flowers I’—a beautiful array of intricate stitch patterns and colors.



The little ‘Golden Bird’ must have a wonderful song.
My dad, Henry delighted at calling this one the ‘Sewer Pipe’. It is the only one that is totally abstract and I think it is her best piece artistically .
This ‘Little Mushroom’ is my favorite.
Mom loved ‘Butterflies’.