Sexy Jewelry

Amythist bronze stick pin
‘Amethyst Stick Pin’—one of my favorite jewelry undertakings.


jewelry collection-2
‘Girl, Snake’ and ‘Tushy Rings’—cast in Sterling Silver.
jewelry collection-a
A collection of ‘Sterling Silver Pendants’—from about .25″ to 1.5″ long.
5 17 09 iris 076
A group shot of some of my jewelry on the work bench.



5 17 09 iris 075
group with tools
‘Tiny penis’ approx.5/8 inch high including loop


‘Nipple pendant’ 5/8 inch high including loop
jewelry collection-3
A couple of ‘Silver Snake Bracelets’.
‘Medium vulva pendant’
tiny vulva
Tiny breast


Tiny breast
‘Snake ring’ with tightly curled tail
stickpin amethyst hearts--1jpg
‘Amethyst Heart Stickpins’.
silver castings--1
‘Miniature Leslie’, ‘Pussy Orchid Pin’ and ‘Female Pill Box’—silver castings.
amethyst stick pin--1
A sexy ‘Orchid & Hummingbird Stick Pin’—in 22 carat enameled gold. Flower is thinly carved amethyst (max 1/8″) with a diamond center.
black coral--1
‘Black Coral Pendant’.
likkit rings--1
Gold has such a rich glow to it.
'D's Flower Ring'--1
‘D’s Flower Ring’.
likkit pendant
Just slip your favorite chain under the tongue and you have a pretty slick pendant!
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‘Breast Pendant’—in silver.
‘Happy Dozen Ring’— This is a statement ring for the proud wearer.
‘Happy Dozen Ring’— side view.
Rhodochrosite Pendant
‘Rhodochrosite Lady Pendant’
A series of male pendants. Can be made into earrings, cuff links, finger rings, etc..
'Snake Ring'--- this is my most popular ring to date.
‘Snake Ring’ With extended tail— this is my most popular ring to date.