Works in Progress

‘Mermaid’—Unfortunately this one fell apart in the move to Colorado. The heat and bouncing of the moving semi trailer were too much for it. This was a wonderful piece. I hope to re-create it some day!



moon (24)
‘Moon’—Severe wind, blowing it’s cover off and a simultaneous downpour destroyed this fabulous clay. I will re-create this one!!! The astronauts have discovered a very unique hill and one is planting a flag on it!!
moon (26)
The other side of ‘Moon’.
clays-1 Jackie- dragon
Face on ‘Dragon Lady’. The sublime expression on this sculpture is one of the best three faces that I have done. She shows no fear, just total peaceful relaxation.
‘Dragon’—Notice that the dragon and the girl have a relationship. Her only worldly care is keeping her hair braid out of the way.



Other shots of the ‘Mermaid’
'The Birth of beauty'--2a
A close up.


‘Birth’–probably my best hair to date. Too bad it was destroyed on the move to Colorado.


'The Birth of beauty'--1
‘The Birth of Beauty’. This was coming along quite well when the commission was withdrawn because of a change in girlfriends. What a pity; I liked this piece. You can see the start of butterfly wings outlined by copper wire.
leslie hair-1
This is a shot of my studio on Spring and Lafayette, NYC.In the background there are a lot of sculptures that never made it to the mold stage. The ‘Leslie’ clay in the foreground sequentially went through many different looks. The final is front and center on my home page.
'Anthony Portrait'
‘Anthony Portrait’— sadly my model left this earth before we finished this piece. He wanted the world to see this. He finally gets his wish. I am crushed that these lousy pictures are the only ones in existence.


'Anthony Portrait'-2
‘Cabeza de Vaca’ is in the Spanish family history.
Jersey girl-1
I cannot put my finger on why this one didn’t make it to the mold stage. The clay looks pretty close to finished.
Jersey girl-2
This view gives the piece more perspective.